After months of nationally accumulated extensive research and results, health professionals have drawn the bottom line on THC being the common factor of vaping-related pulmonary illnesses. With more clear results, the CDC analyzed national data on the use of THC-containing product brands by EVALI patients.

  • Overall, 152 different THC-containing product brands were reported by EVALI patients.
  • Dank Vapes was the most commonly reported product brand used by patients nationwide, although there are regional differences. While Dank Vapes was most commonly reported in the Northeast and South, TKO and Smart Cart brands were more commonly reported by patients in the West and Rove was more common in the Midwest.
  • The data further supports that EVALI is associated with THC-containing products and that it is not likely associated with a single THC-containing product brand.

It is evident that these harmful products are illicit and obtained through the black market, and so the CDC recommends that people should stop all use of vape products containing any form of THC, including those shared by friends, family, or other familiar sources.

The CDC also informs the public that vitamin E acetate is associated with EVALI, and no one should be adding any additives into their e-cig cartridges that were not intended by the manufacturer. If you or someone you know is vaping anything laced with THC or do not know what you are vaping, it is urged to stop vaping that product immediately. The investigation remains open as other possible causes and links are being examined.