State health officials are investigating the increasing number of young people reporting alarming respiratory difficulties. All patients used a type of e-cigarette with some of them admitting to using a type of marijuana content. With marijuana being strictly regulated or illegal in most states, patients may be disinclined to admit their use even if they did.

In these examinations, issues such as failure to respond to antibiotics have led doctors to believe that illness was caused by one or more toxic substances. It is also suspected that due to the severity and symptoms many patients are using unknown, possibly illicit drug-laced, substances in their electronic cigarettes. With cartridges being refillable and replaceable, any unregulated oil or concentrate can be used with the device.

Key Points:

  • State Health Officials collectively hypothesized that the use of toxic illicit cartridges in e-cigs led to their young patients’ severe lung illnesses.
  • Doctors do not know what their patients are vaping specifically with many of them reluctant to admit what they’re using or that they even own an e-cig device.