Since September when President Trump made his statement against e-cig flavors due to their appeal to children, Michigan, New York, and Rhode Island have issued bans on all flavored e-cig products.

However, on Tuesday a Michigan judge succeeded in temporarily blocking the state’s recent ban on flavored e-cigs, citing evidence that adults could return to smoking products more harmful than tobacco and that the ban has irreparably damaged vaping businesses.

This was a result of a lawsuit filed by two vaping businesses claiming the recent ban will force them to lose their business. The judge issued a preliminary injunction to stop the state from enforcing the ban on flavored e-cigs.

“We are pleased today that the court saw the ban of flavored vaping products for what it truly is: an overreach of government into the lives of adults,” said Andrea Bitely, spokeswoman for the Defend MI Rights Coalition, a vaping industry group. 

Key Points:

  • A Michigan judge temporarily blocked Michigan’s recent ban on flavored e-cigs, citing the fallback on using other products would be more harmful.
  • Vaping businesses are filing lawsuits to keep their businesses from closing and reputation from being further damaged.