Seen as an authoritative overreach, Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker was denied executive order in an attempt to ban all sales of e-cigs in the state, period.

Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins called for a redo on the ban with Baker’s being the harshest of vape bans seen yet. Wilkins demanded that the administration address the public’s opinion and comments for the reissue by October 28, 2019. He also said that there were no limits for the reissue to products containing THC (of which marijuana is legal in the state), likely acknowledging official studies and statements made by the FDA and CDC, blaming that the majority of pulmonary illnesses were linked to THC or black market cartridges.

In the lawsuit by the national trade group, Vapor Technology Association, members asserted Baker’s blanket ban on vape sales was subjective as the issue claimed to be an order to prevent youth vaping but affected those of all ages.

Key Points:

  • States are facing piles of lawsuits for vape bans affecting the livelihood of their residents.
  • Court Justices are halting vaping bans due to unreasonable orders.