As continuous reports of lung damage and illnesses linked to electronic cigarettes cause widespread panic, additional new studies are being published with consistent discoveries as to what the culprit really is. Across the nation and overseas, teams of physicians are coming to an agreement that these alarming lung conditions are in fact being caused by multiple toxic substances.

A study from the Mayo Clinic in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that 71% of patients admitted to using some type of THC, however, the other 29% were not even tested. The patients also showed signs that certain illicit drugs were known to cause.

It is comprehensive that black market products laced with toxic chemicals are the root as to why there is a fear of all electronic cigarettes, and that there is no real sense that regulated e-cigs made with legal ingredients are responsible for these health decaying symptoms.

Key Findings:

  • In this accredited study, it was stated that the lung injuries observed in 17 patient biopsies were caused by “one or more … toxic substances.”
  • The confessions and findings of most patients vaping a high concentration of THC mixed with other illicit drugs point the blame to illegal drug-laced, unregulated products.